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Pork Processing

Thank you for choosing Netherby Meats to process your pork.

Thank you for choosing Netherby Meats for your pork processing.  Please note this form outlines the requirements per customer, if there are multiple animals being processed for different people packaged individually, each person will need to complete this form with their specific processing request.

Check the bulk option if you would like to receive all your meat bulk packed so you can pack to suit your needs and save. You will need to be prompt on picking up when ready as meat will still be fresh.

Below are all our processing charges, please note that “small goods” and some gourmet options incur an extra cost. For details, refer to our pricing guide below.

Once you have completed the form below, click the “send” button.  

If you would like to arrange abattoir services, please click book now on the right and we will be in touch to arrange abattoir services on-farm when we are next in your area, or liaise with the Ashburton Abattoirs to arrange a suitable drop off day and time or a time for yourself to drop home killed meat to Netherby Meats depending on which option you have selected below.

Have you booked your abattoir services?

    Click here to view full details on the process and options for processing locations and requirements.

    Customer Processing Order

    Fill in "Other Requirements" for additional instructions.

    1. Shoulder



    Pickled Pork



    Diced Pork

    2. Middle

    Chops & Strips


    Steaks & Belly Roast

    Chops & Belly Roast


    Bacon & Belly Roast

    3. Hind Legs

    Roast on bone - Whole

    Roast on bone - Half

    Roast on bone - Cut in three

    Uncooked Ham - Whole

    Uncooked Ham - Cut Half

    Uncooked Ham - Cut in three

    Cooked Ham - Whole

    Cooked Ham - Cut Half

    Cooked Ham - Cut in three

    Pressed Ham - Whole

    Pressed Ham - Cut Half

    Pressed Ham - Cut in three

    Pressed Ham & Sliced



    4. Small Goods

    Depends on the quantity of meat provided or the options selected above. If we are unable to fulfil your small goods' selection we will be in touch.

    Pork Sausages - 10kg


    Pork Sausages - 15kg


    Pork Sausages - 20kg


    Pork Herb & Garlic - 10kg


    Pork Herb & Garlic - 15kg


    Pork Herb & Garlic - 20kg


    Crumbed Patties - 10kg


    Crumbed Patties - 15kg


    Crumbed Patties - 20kg


    Sausage Meat - 10kg

    In 500g packets. $6.50/kg

    Sausage Meat - 15kg

    In 500g packets. $6.50/kg

    Sausage Meat - 20kg

    In 500g packets. $6.50/kg

    Other cuts or special requests

    I agree

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    Pork processing charges:

    • Fresh Pork under 75kg
      $130 each
    • Fresh Pork over 75kg
      $150 each
    • Basic processing includes:
      Diced Pork
    • Bacon Ham under 75kg
      $180 each
    • Bacon Ham over 75kg
      $200 each
    • Optional extras at additional costs please state in other requirements:
      Ham on Bone
      Pressed Ham
      Pressed Ham Steaks
      Sliced Ham
      Pickled Pork
      Dry Cured Bacon
      Cooked Ham
    • Pricing can vary depending on weight of pork

    Pork Abattoir charges:

    • Netherby Meats on-farm service under 75kg
      $90 each
    • Netherby Meats on-farm service over 75kg
      $100 each
    • Ashburton Abattoir killing under 75kg
      $80 each
    • Ashburton Abattoir killing over 75kg
      $95 each

    Common Questions

    If you would like to know more about our processing services please feel free to browse through our frequently asked questions, or contact us.

    Netherby Meats offers a mobile abattoir and processing service so the truck will come to you. The mobile service operates between Rakaia and Rangitata. If you are outside this zone, please contact Netherby Meats to discuss options.

    Time may vary, please notify us in advance if you require product by a particular date.

    • Beef — 7 days
    • Sheep — 2 days
    • Venison — 5-7 days
    • Pork — 3-7 days

    You will be contacted when your meat is ready.

    Payment is expected when meat is collected, payment options are cash, eftpos and RuralCo.

    Yes, but it must have been hygienically slaughtered, free of foreign matter and any dirty carcases will be refused.

    Unless stated by the customer all processing will come back frozen. Please notify us in advance if you wish your meat to be fresh.

    You get exactly what you have requested. It is important that you have clearly filled out an instruction sheet completely.

    Your animal is weighed just prior to boning and processing.

    Yes, all your meat is tagged upon arrival and with our detailed systems and protocols we ensure it is your meat that gets returned back to you.

    • Cattle beasts get stressed on their own! – Leave a mate with them for company and for better meat results.
    • Please have animals handy, as we try to be on time. If we have to wait, then everyone is inconvenienced and you may receive charges for time wasted.
    • If you would like tongues, tails livers etc. then please let the slaughter man know and he will put them aside.
    • We need to understand your instructions fully.
    • Dairy breeds and fat cattle beasts don’t yield as well.
    • All animals need to rest for at least a day to ensure meat to be tender.
    • As we only have one truck you may experience delays of up to two weeks. Please be advised it may be longer in the spring to summer months, to ensure your place please book in early for these periods.

    NO! Homekill animals are processed for your own consumption including your household, family and farmworkers. It is not to be sold or exported to anyone, including via raffles, etc. Doing so can result in hefty fines and/or jail.


    Yes, for purchase we have a selection of Abattoir killed stock. Please let us know what meat you would like in advance.

    Various cuts of pork